Heavy metals are increasingly present in our lives. The energy that can help us eliminate them is a lifeline against this plague.


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If you test these words you can give a standard product. You can also make a product using the letters of the alphabet from this definition.


Integrity of all sorts of Antimoine  , argent (Ag) , arsenic,  cadmium (Cd), chrome (Cr),  cuivre (Cu), etain, fer (Fe), mercure (Hg),  nickel (Ni), or (Au), plomb (Pb), selenium,  tellure, thallium, titane (Ti), uranium (U), vanadium (V), zinc (Zn), composes d'antimoine, composes d'argent (Ag), composes d'arsenic, composes de cadmium (Cd), composes de chrome (Cr), composes de cuivre (Cu),  omposes d'etain, , composes de fer (Fe), composes de mercure (Hg), composes de nickel (Ni), composes d'or (Au), composes de plomb (Pb), composes de selenium,, composes de tellure, composes de thallium, titane (Ti),  composes d'uranium (U), vanadium (V), composes de zinc (Zn)

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